Andes Enterprises Co., Ltd. was founded by Mr. Cheng You Choung and two oversea Chinese partners for the purposes of exporting machines, spare parts, fabrics, and leather for supporting production in the oversea factories. Andes had also been the exclusive agency in Taiwan for zinc alloy molding machines and accessories for Romanoff USA.
Co-founded A.I.C. Ample Ind., for the purposes of exporting shoes and Christmas decorations to Europe, North and South America, and Middle East.
Established factory in Thailand for producing resin and stone interior decorations for the purposes of protecting the exclusive designs and production techniques of special American and European customers.
Moved the Thailand factory with labors of 1,000 to Canton, China for future expansion and possible allied industrials.
* Started proceeding the ISO9002 Standard Procedure.
* Consulted by WISE Int., USA for using life system philosophy, organization, and administration.
* Combined organizations in Taiwan and Hong Kong under same standard system for better service for customers.