Besides producing in our own factories in China with quality resin stone and porcelain, based on various requirements, we also produce with metal, glass, pewter, wood, dolomite, and terracotta from our alliance factories in other countries in the Pacific rim such as Taiwan and Thailand.
To create quality interior articles with professional sense of beauty and make our products valuable and beneficial to life and environment.
A: Work together with customers on setting their marketing and product strategies.
B: Help customers executing new designs and product development.
C: Consultant for production technologies, quality and procedure control, final product examination, shipping arrangements, and control coordination.
A: Table & Kitchen Articles: vases, candle holders, picture frames, S/P's, egg cups, coasters, trays, knives, wine racks, etc.
B: Bathroom Articles: trays, liquid bottles, tissue holders, cups, brush holders, etc.
C: Interior Decorations: statues (figures & animals), tree-trims, wall plaques, etc.
D: Material Used: porcelain, ceramic, glass, resin, stone, wood and metal.
Our survival level is based on how much we value raising our business partners and the environment to attain an excellent and healthy role in our industry.
Innovation and professional design, new products establishment and manufacturing, and team coordination.